Vincent Grimard

Vincent Grimard

Former Chief Security Officer

Formerly Nelnet’s Chief Security Officer, Vincent was responsible for all enterprise-based and localized security initiatives. Vincent was known for taking security outside of the box by investing in the happiness of his teams and being interactive with the employees of Nelnet. He had created one of the most comprehensive and effective security awareness programs, a centralized information security policy methodology spanning three regulatory areas (ISO, PCI, NIST), and most importantly a highly efficient, productive, well balanced and happy team. Vincent maintained a trifecta of experience that was centered on managing and securing information technology environments, auditing those environments against multiple industry standards, and then growing and securing those environments into enterprise-based regulatory compliant platforms.

Latest posts by Vincent

Let’s Talk Cybersecurity — Lie to Me

Posted on August 11, 2017 in Security

Average password problems Chances are, you’re an average person. By “average,” I mean you use personally identifiable information with your online security questions. Now don’t get me wrong, security questions are a good thing. They make your browsing experience friendlier, you don’t get locked out as often, you can reset your accounts, and they provide... Read More »


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