Digital Student IDs — More Than a Trend

In Brief:

  • Students will be expecting easy and secure contactless interactions when returning to campuses this fall.

  • Digital student IDs come with many benefits, like convenience and cost savings, to meet your students expectations.

  • Campus Key®, our mobile app for higher ed, not only acts as a digital student ID, but also allows for management of student payments and sends push notifications.

Blog Post

Many students are returning to college in-person this fall and their expectations are clear— a safe, convenient campus experience. The use of digital student IDs has been around since 2018, but has grown in popularity due to COVID-19 and the trend towards contactless interactions. Though trends come and go, the acceptance of implementing and using digital student IDs, like Campus Key, is just starting to gain serious traction among campuses across the country.

Benefits of Offering Digital Student IDs

Digital student IDs aren’t just convenient for students, they’re also convenient for higher ed institutions. And since you no longer have to issue or replace lost ID cards, it’s also a potential cost saver. Other benefits include:

  • Increasing Campus Security: Digital student IDs can be programmed to only allow students and staff access to certain buildings. Protecting resident halls and school equipment, like computers or printers, reduces your institution’s risk for fraud or unauthorized access. You can also use these IDs to track classroom attendance or manage entry to campus events.
  • Keeping Students Connected: It’s sometimes tough to know if students are getting the emails and messages you send them. With digital student IDs notification features, you can contact students and staff anytime, anywhere by using push notifications or a centralized messaging inbox.
  • Accepting Mobile Payments: Some digital IDs (including Campus Key) give students the ability to make tuition payments, order food, and pay for items across campus. By adding this contactless solution to systems your institution already has in place, you improve operations for students and staff.

Campus Key — The Contactless Student Experience

Campus Key, our mobile app, allows for day-to-day campus life to operate efficiently. This app changes the way your campus connects through digital payments, access, and communications. Campus Key is an all-in-one, secure, and user-friendly mobile experience that works on any Apple or Android device. To learn more about Campus Key, read our blog Campus Key® Pilot Program Success.

Author: Natalie Schwarz

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