Marcelina: “We’re Always Connected.”

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Marcelina: “We’re Always Connected.”

Marcelina with implementation team

Video Summary: We sat down with Campus Commerce’s Marcelina Nowosadzki to discuss what exactly having a best-in-class implementation process means, and how having a relationship with our schools plays a key role.

Video Transcription:

Why do we have best in class implementation process?

I think the reason why our clients rate our implementation process so highly, is because we take it seriously. For us, it’s about building a partnership. When you go through the sell cycle, when you go through the demos, and the discussions with — say our sales team — the game is not over. Our relationship is just beginning.

So then we take over (our project teams take over), and kind of guide you, take you under our arms, and help you through this implementation process. Which again, for many customers, may be a big deal. They have to prioritize it within their year. They might be very short on resources, and we understand that and we’ll work with you.

So again, the reason why they [our partners] think our implementation process is so great is:

  1. We take it very seriously
  2. We really care and it’s as simple as that.

We have excellent client support and service. It’s kind of built into our culture as a company, and we understand that it’s not about just showing up to work and working on a project then just checking out and going home. It’s actually about merging the different teams that work within our company and guiding the customer through that entire process from prospect to a mature partner who’s been with us for years and years.

So it’s an ongoing process. We’re always connected.


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