Understanding Actively Managed Payment Plans

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Understanding Actively Managed Payment Plans

We sat down with Peter Sanderson, managing director and national sales manager with Nelnet Campus Commerce, to discover what makes Actively Managed Payment Plans uniquely effective for higher education institutions. Here are some of the highlights from this discussion.

Q: Why do you feel Nelnet Campus Commerce solutions are so effective?

A: The challenges our clients frequently face in the higher education space is limited staffing levels at their institutions, trying to do more with fewer individuals. Our technologies and full-service solutions are able to offload much of that work; we handle that burden for them.

Q: Why should a college or university choose to work with Nelnet Campus Commerce rather than other providers?

A: The reason a college or university should select Nelnet Campus Commerce is we’re a perfect hybrid between offering technology and best-in-class customer service. We interface fully with your ERP system [and] we create efficiencies, especially operational efficiencies in student financial services. Additionally, your students and parents have access to a full staff of account managers to handle with any questions they may have.

Q: What makes the client experience with Nelnet Campus Commerce so unique?

A: The client experience with Nelnet Campus Commerce is unique in that there’s consistent communication between our company and the myriad departments at the college, along with the students and their parents. There are dedicated resources, customer relationship managers, account managers working with our clients. Any question that arises never goes unanswered; we offer full coverage.

We believe that smart payment technology requires having a team that is dedicated to your school and your needs. This human element combined with powerful payment technology allows us to do what we do best – help universities, and their students, succeed.

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