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Nelnet Campus Commerce 121 S. 13th Street, Suite 301 Lincoln, NE  68508

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  • If you are a STUDENT or PARENT with questions about making a payment, please call: 800.609.8056.
  • If you are a college or university and have interest in Nelnet products and services, click here to contact your Nelnet Campus Commerce regional representative.
  • If you are a student with questions about a student loan, click HERE for assistance.
  • For participation in bids, soliciations, RFPs, RFI’s and other procurement efforts, contact: Nelnet Campus Commerce 121 S. 13th Street, Suite 201 Lincoln, NE  68508.

Media Contact

Ben Kiser Phone: 402.458.3024 Contact by e-mail

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We ask that you obtain written/verbal approval for the use of our company logo prior to publishing. Permission requests are handled by Marketing, available by phone at 1.531.220.5222  or via email. *Please note the written style of our company name: Nelnet Campus Commerce.

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