Nelnet Payment Plans

Allow your students to spread their payments across terms, interest-free.

Keep Students Enrolled and on Track

We’ll give you the tools and expertise to market payment plans to students, letting them know they can spread tuition payments throughout the semester. Once they’re enrolled in a plan, they can easily set up automatic payments (using their own currency if they’re an international student), check their balance, and monitor their account. If they fall behind on their payments, our plans can help them get back on track – keeping them enrolled throughout the process.

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Nelnet Payment Plans are Available for Active, Past Due, and International Accounts

Types of Payment Plans

With three types of Nelnet Payment Plans, you’ll be able to support nearly every student on campus, no matter their situation. These plans integrate with your ERP, come with customizable payment options/schedules, and are housed in a helpful, easy-to-navigate dashboard – helping you increase receivables and reduce workloads.

Actively Managed Payment Plans

The “standard” payment plan allows students to spread out tuition and fee payments into multiple payments over the course of a semester. In addition to the plans themselves, we’ll also follow up on delinquent payments, help promote the plans on campus, and offer a full-service support team to help staff and students.

Past Due Payment Plans

When students fall behind on payments, getting them back on track can be a difficult and expensive process – when you partner with us, it isn’t. You can also proactively set up automatic communication for students with past-due accounts to get them back on track as quickly as possible. Read all about our Past Due Payment Plans.

International Payment Plans

International students won’t just be able to set up a payment plan – they’ll be able to securely make payments using their local currency. And, just like our other plans, they’ll have access to our fully-staffed customer service team if they ever need a helping hand. Read all about our International Payment Plans.

Research Shows Institutions Benefit From Payment Plans

See the Numbers

Business Office

Whether students fall behind on payments or just need an easier way to pay tuition, Payment Plans help. Improve student retention and avoid overloading your business office – all at once.

Automate the Details

Spend less time performing manual, repetitive work and more time preparing, strategizing, and supporting your students.

We’ll Help Get the Word Out On
(and Off) Campus

Our payment plan marketing kit helps reduce the workload of connecting students to your payment plans, raising awareness and making it easy for them to enroll.

Reporting and Metrics, at a Glance

Manage accounts, remittances, and payment plan enrollment at a glance with an in-depth online dashboard that updates in real time.

Information Technology

New technology is a big commitment – especially for IT teams. We’ll be by your side through the whole process, making sure implementation is a complete success.

Meet the Highest Payment Security Standards

Our solutions are PCI Level 1 compliant and SSAE 18 audited, so you can be confident in the safety of our payment plans. Plus, we’ve partnered with international payment processor like Western Union to make sure the same is true for every student.

Keep Payment Data Off-Site

Payment information is stored in off-site servers, adding another layer of protection.

Partnership for Successful Implementation

We’ll start with our tried-and-true implementation process, then customize it for your institution – providing you project plans to keep track of milestones and help hit your go-live date.

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Technical Features

Every plan in one place – Payment Plans make tuition management easier for everyone.

ERP Integration

Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with all ERPs – so we can integrate with your current system.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Mobile isn’t the future – it’s already here. Students and families can set up payment plans from wherever they are.

Easy-to-View Dashboard

Track all payment plans, data, and metrics in one convenient place. Plus, easily pull reports as needed.

Partnership Benefits

Just like all of our solutions, Nelnet Payment Plans come with value-added services that make your experience a success.

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Best-in-Class Service

Receive support from friendly, experienced people no matter what.

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Proven Implementation

Organize implementation with our proven, step-by-step process.

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Security and Compliance

Protect every transaction with the highest levels of payment security.

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Technology Integrations

Integrate our solutions with your current ERP and institutional partners.

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Offer student refund methods that keep you compliant with federal regulations.

The Nelnet Campus Commerce Difference

With Nelnet Campus Commerce, you have a partner in payment plans. Director of Operations Matt Spethman and Manager of Higher Ed Account Managment Jennifer Friesen discuss what makes Nelnet Campus Commerce stand apart.

Since switching to Nelnet Campus Commerce in 2013, we’ve seen 73% more students signing up for payment plans and 40 percent fewer phone calls related to payment plans. That’s big time savings for our students and staff.

Chris Cordella

Director of Operations/Bursar Boston College

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