Nelnet Payment Plans

Support student success by offering flexible payment options.

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Keep Students Enrolled and on Track

We’ll help keep your students enrolled by allowing them to budget their tuition costs over time. Payments are processed automatically by bank account or credit card as well as multiple currency options for international students. Users have 24/7 access to view current balances, make changes, and manage their accounts. And if they fall behind on their payments, our plans can help them get back on track.

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Give Your Students Limitless Opportunities

Payment Plans make college affordable and accessible for your students. With a variety of payment options, our solutions help students eliminate stress by providing flexibility and helping them stay debt free. And, our Payment Plans are fully automated, allowing students more time to focus on their education.

Give Your Staff Limitless Resources

With Payment Plans, you’ll reduce institutional costs so you can focus your resources on student success and retention. Secure and compliant solutions alleviate regulatory burden and automated payment processing improves collection rates to reduce the time your staff spends managing student accounts.

Payment Options for Every Student’s Needs

Actively Managed Payment Plans

This “standard” payment plan allows students to budget tuition and fee payments over the course of a semester. Nelnet Campus Commerce will manage all the details for your students and staff by following up on delinquent payments, helping promote the plans on campus, offering full-service support, and more.

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International Payment Plans

Make your campus accessible to all who wish to attend. With International Payment Plans, students can pay their tuition in their home currency. Just like the other Payment Plans, they can budget their payments over time and access our fully staffed customer service team to help them stay on track. Read all about our International Payment Plans

Past Due Payment Plans

When students fall behind on payments or have a debt to repay, getting them back on track can be a time-consuming and expensive process – when you partner with us, it isn’t. Provide current and former students flexible payment options to get them back on track for enrollment and reduce outstanding receivables at your institution. Read all about our Past Due Payment Plans.

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Long-Term Payment Plans

Provide additional flexibility for students and reduce outstanding receivables by offering Payment Plans beyond 12 months. Adding Long-Term Payment Plans to any of the above solutions provides the ability to offer extended schedules to accommodate large balances and repayment of past-due accounts in alignment with HEOA and TILA. Read all about our Long-Term Payment Plans.