Sponsor Billing and Payments

Save your business office time and effort with streamlined sponsor account management.

The Connection - The Perfect Partner

As more employers offer tuition benefits, the need for an efficient sponsor billing and payment system becomes critical.

This video highlights how Nelnet Campus Commerce partnered with Indiana University to streamline their sponsor billing and payments process, enhance efficiency, and give staff more time to focus on what’s important: their students.

Make Sponsor Payments Simple

With Sponsor Billing and Payments, manual and time-consuming processes become simple and automated. Thanks to integrated account management, pre-scheduled payment reminders, and consolidated reporting, your institution, sponsors, and students will all win.

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Better for Institutions

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  • Create Efficiency: Easily upload supporting documents and reduce manual work by automating bills and sponsor communications.
  • Add Revenue Streams: Simplify processes for sponsors to attract more partnerships, build revenue streams, and increase enrollment.

Better for Sponsors

  • Build Relationships: Make your sponsors happy with secure digital payment options and accessible online customer support.
  • Attract Talent: Help sponsors grow their workforce by making tuition benefits more widely available
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Better for Students

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  • Keep Students Enrolled: Ensure student accounts are paid on time and kept current with streamlined sponsor communications.
  • Focus on Student Success: By reducing manual workloads, allow your business office more time to concentrate on student outcomes.

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Streamline Your Sponsor Invoicing and Payments

Centralize Information

Allow your business office and sponsors to access upcoming bills, payment history, and student accounts in one location.

Simplify Sponsor Billing

Ensure on-time payments for students with automated billing and payment reminders. And suit the needs of each sponsor with customized billing cycles.

Sync With Your ERP

Reduce the burden on your business office and ensure accuracy of payments on student accounts by syncing Sponsor Billing and Payments to your ERP.