Disburse refunds quickly and in compliance with all Title IV rules and Cash Handling regulations.

Maintain Compliance and Give Students Options with Nelnet Refunds

Students can choose to receive refunds through ACH, prepaid card, or paper check. Prompt refunds paired with text/email communication and authentication security, Nelnet Refunds creates a smart experience for everyone.

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Give Students the Power of Choice

Business Office

Stay compliant with regulations surrounding refunds – and give students the flexibility they’ve come to expect. Plus, you can track the status of every refund and method selected.

Fast Payment Processing

Students won’t wait long to receive their refund – and our communication process with them helps encourage and increase ACH adoption.

Comprehensive Support for You
and Students

Our fully-staffed call center is available by phone or chat to help answer “where is my refund?”

Title IV Compliance

With multiple disbursement options for students to choose from, you’re not only providing more choices – you’re meeting Title IV compliance expectations.

Information Technology

Title IV compliance isn’t the only technical benefit – you’ll ensure payment security when delivering ACH refunds and keep student data safe with secure file transfer protocols.

Know Your Customer

With seamless integration from your ERP and dual factor authentication, Refunds helps ensure students are who they say they are.

Keeping Your ERP Up to Date

Response files can be provided to help ensure your ERP accurately reflects processed refunds.

Another Level of Security

We provide access to the refund file and the ability to make changes before it’s processed to ensure accuracy.

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Technical Features

From distribution to deposit, Refunds gives students – and staff – the best experience possible.

Mobile Refund Alerts

Students receive a notification when their refund has been processed, and still have time to change their method from paper check to ACH.

Customizable Email Templates

Set up communications tailored to your students.

Quick, Secure Sign-Up Process

Students can enroll and choose their refund method in two easy steps.

Partnership Benefits

Just like all of our solutions, Refunds comes with services that make your experience a success.

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Best-in-Class Service

Receive support from friendly, experienced people no matter what.

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Proven Implementation

Organize implementation with our proven, step-by-step process.

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Security and Compliance

Protect every transaction with the highest levels of payment security.

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Technology Integrations

Integrate our solutions with your current ERP and institutional partners.

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This solution does a great job of allowing students to keep track of their refunds. They can go into the Nelnet system any time to find out the status of their refund.

Cindy Morehouse

Associate Bursar Cornell University

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