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An online store experience designed for higher education institutions.

Online Selling, Unlimited

With a variety of customization options for departments and full transparency for your business office, Storefront expands online selling across campus. In this video, see how Storefront gave North Dakota University System the flexibility they needed.

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Simple Interface

Create an online marketplace worth bragging about. Our service-based partnership removes the stressors that typically come with online shopping and provides an easily navigated user interface for your students.

Simple Setup

Make setting up your online stores simple and easy to maintain with an effortless integration process and best-in-class service. Take advantage of hands-on training and flexible implementation of additional stores.

Unlimited Digital Selling for Your Campus

Powerful, proven payment technology for campus life. Committed service. Student-focused partnership. That’s what it takes to build a campus with unlimited opportunities. So that’s what we do.


Provide your donors with flexibility over their contributions, offering easy-to-use variables such as one-time or recurring payments, frequency of payments, price of payments, and email reminders. Whether they would like to gift a one-time donation or set up monthly payments, Storefront makes the donation process a simple feat.

Event Products & Coordination

Provide your campus with an easily-managed interface and allow for features such as registration emails, reminder messages, event-specific information, event reporting, and more. Your students, staff, alumni, and fans will have quick access to seating availability and can choose how they will be reminded of their upcoming events.


Keep the business office in the loop while still allowing for versatility. With Nelnet Campus Commerce Storefront, departments campus wide can set up and manage their own stores and inventory with unique URLs and design. Each department page will be fully equipped with guest checkout, responsive design, and endless possibilities for products to be sold and customized.

Unlimited Insight for Your Business Office

Order Management

Navigate Storefront to perform necessary management tasks like searching and viewing orders, creating shipping and tracking info, and tracking shipments. Avoid departments outsourcing their selling needs, and integrate our one-stop-shop solution with the ability to print packing labels, send out shipment notifications, and issue refunds as necessary.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory effectively and create limitless store options. With easily maneuvered and well-integrated attributes, you will have no trouble establishing different sizes or colors on your site and tracking your inventory based on these attributes. Rely on backorder options to push out notifications and send out backordered purchases when the product is back in stock.

Product Attributes

Don’t limit your store to fixed product attributes. Select qualifiers such as color and size and allow real-time price adjustments based on these variables. Nelnet’s Storefront makes diversifying your online store a breeze by offering easily adjusted product attributes for every item sold.


Access your online store reports from one centralized location. Storefront offers General Ledger (GL) codes at product, category, or even store level. For end-of-day (EOD) reporting, you can select between either a summary, net value view, or a detail view — as well three different delivery options. Along with our integrated and customizable EOD reporting, your business office will have access to reports on product, compliance, and billing.

They were fantastic. When the cashiering solution we needed wasn’t available, Nelnet Campus Commerce built one for us and in only three months. They did an amazing job.

Amanda Bock

Bursar Indian River State College

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