Tuition Management

Secure, Integrated Payment Experience
for Higher Education

Our tuition management products work together to keep students enrolled, help you manage (and resolve) past due accounts in-house, and maintain the highest levels of security and compliance available. Every plan, payment, and refund – all in one system.

Payment Plans

Give students an affordable payment option, track every plan in one place, and support students with past-due accounts.

Billing & Payments

Send automated bills for things like tuition and fees, housing, parking, and more – and allow students to safely make online payments from anywhere.


Stay compliant with federal refund regulations and allow students to choose their refund method: ACH, prepaid card, or paper check.

Partnership Benefits

Each of our Tuition Management solutions come with pro-bono benefits that make your payment experience even smarter.

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Best-in-Class Service

Our team of higher education and payment experts provide friendly, helpful support.

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Proven Implementation

Organize implementation with our proven, step-by-step process.

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Security and Compliance

Protect every transaction and meet the highest levels of payment security.

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Technology Integrations

Integrate our solutions with your current ERP and institutional partners.