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Payment Plans and Campus Financial Health

In 2020, Nelnet data scientists teamed with a number of our partner institutions to empirically measure the impact of payment plans on a number of key data points, for both 2-year and 4-year institutions. The results were positive.

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Compliance Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Compliance is crucial to prevent gaps in data security. You are responsible for safeguarding the credit card data at your institution and complying with the PCI DSS. Learn how to get ahead of potential gaps and keep student data secure.

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Payment Performance Analytics

Studies of student accounts at the end of a term reveal that it is common for students to have small outstanding balances. While the majority of balances are resolved prior to the start of the next term, unpaid balances are one of the leading barriers to student retention.

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Institutions Benefit from Payment Plans

Research shows students who utilize a payment plan are nearly 8% more likely to retain from semester-to-semester.

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Ensuring PCI Security Standards

PCI security standards are managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, and they affect all merchants and service providers. Nelnet Campus Commerce is a Level 1 Service Provider, so they have a very rigorous certification process. And of the 352 companies that are globally qualified security assessors, CampusGuard is the only one that’s focused solely on higher education.

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