Partner Insights: Western Union Business Services

Insight type: Webinar

We can all agree that we will be glad to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror. As we look forward, how can we prepare for the new year? Join international payment expert, Andy Benkis from Western Union Business Solutions, on a conversation about key student mobility shifts, and upcoming trends in foreign payments and international recruitment for 2021.


  • Understanding the key shifts that drive change in international education, and how institutions must engage to attract international students.
  • The new pandemic landscape has forced rapid strategic change: Are these new processes sustainable?
  • Discover new payment options emerging for educational institutions and how to future-proof based on student payments trends.

With certain educational trends accelerating due to the pandemic, the wants and needs of students around the world have changed and institutions have to adapt. Learn about the key insights and trends driving international student behavior, as well as best practices for meeting their new payment demands.