PaymentSpring Announces Name Change to Nelnet Payment Services

LINCOLN, Neb., August 10, 2022 – PaymentSpring, a division of Nelnet, Inc. (NYSE: NNI) and a leader in secure payment technology for education and non-profits across the United States, has announced it has changed its name to Nelnet Payment Services.

Nelnet Payment Services currently serves as the payment engine for products and services across multiple Nelnet business units. This name change will further unify the business with the Nelnet brand to create opportunities to expand into new markets and facilitate additional partnerships.

Throughout its history, Nelnet Payment Services has created product and service offerings designed to simplify and secure the payment experience. Over the years, the company has expanded into a variety of industries and has added proven processing partners, powerful integrations, and leading services.

“As Nelnet Payment Services, we will continue to provide innovative and affordable payment solutions to our existing partners,” said Becky Pollock, president of Nelnet Payment Services. “We’ll also focus on enhancing our product set to provide unique, competitive advantages in support of new opportunities available through existing Nelnet business lines and beyond.”

About Nelnet Payment Services

Nelnet Payment Services is a premier payment gateway, enabling software partners to offer secure, reliable payment solutions to their customers and members. From small businesses needing an easy gateway to add to their new business site to independent sales organizations in search of a processor that offers a better payment experience for their portfolio, Nelnet Payment Services delivers. For more information, visit