9 Security Best Practices for Remote Workers

In Brief:

  • Working from home can offer a lot of benefits but can also increase the risk of a cyberattack.

  • With higher education institutions being prime targets, here are some ways remote workers can engage in cybersecurity best practices.

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Working from home offers a lot of benefits, from lack of a commute and more time and less distractions when working to a better work-life balance. Remote workers are being more productive and less stressed; however, all the comforts of home cannot protect against the risk of a cybersecurity breach. According to Cyber Talk, one report showed that 20 percent of organizations experienced a breach because of a remote worker. All employees, on-site and remote, need to be vigilant and proactive to help prevent cyberattacks.

Our partners at CampusGuard have created an infographic featuring nine security best practices for remote workers. As you may already know, colleges and universities experienced a surge in ransomware attacks in 2021, and those attacks had significant operational and financial costs, according to Inside Higher Ed. With higher education institutions being prime targets, here are some ways your institution’s remote workers can engage in cybersecurity best practices:

#1 Use Secure Wi-Fi Connections

  • Verify your home Wi-Fi network is password protected.
  • Consider setting up separate virtual networks for each user in your home.

#2 Check Privacy and Security Settings

  • Review and adjust privacy settings on web applications.
  • Check security settings on any new programs.

#3 Use a VPN

  • VPNs encrypts your internet traffic.
  • They are ideal for remote work setups.

9 Security Best Practices Infographic

Download the 9 Security Best Practices for Remote Workers infographic, so your institution’s remote workers can use these 9 security best practices daily to protect against cyberattacks.

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9 Best Security Practices for Remote Workers
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