The Value of Integration

In Brief:

  • Cloud-based solutions and integrations have become near-necessities for higher education.

  • When managing multiple systems, information needs to flow between them and update in real time.

  • Nelnet Campus Commerce offers secure integration with nearly every major ERP, so data is always accurate.

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Connecting you with the cloud

The idea behind integration is simple: A student starts in your institution’s portal or system, clicks a link, and is seamlessly sent from your system to ours. That integration is possible because a data connecter was in place to bridge the gap between two separate systems (like an ERP and our payment).

Those connectors can certainly be hosted on campus – but its real potential lies in the cloud. Our cloud connector manages data that flows between our technology and your ERP. We partner with most major <higher education ERP providers> to make sure that your experience is consistent. And, if you’re using an in-house or legacy ERP that we don’t support, our API-based integration process allows you to build your own integration.

Single sign on

With single sign on (SSO), students are able to access our system without logging in multiple times. Since they’ve already logged in with your ERP, a number of behind-the-scenes verification methods allow us to tell that they’re the right person. And it all happens in milliseconds.

Real-time data updates

Data displayed in our systems gets pulled from your ERP in real time, so everything is accurate and up to date. Often, this kind of data involves payment balances, payment plan eligibility, and student demographics, but there are a number of ways you can use it.

  • Sync demographic info like addresses, phones numbers, and emails
  • Payments made in our system show up automatically in your ERP
  • Manage payment plan agreements and usage without juggling multiple systems

At the end of the day, the goal of real-time updates is to make sure the data you’re using is accurate at every step.

Highest level of payment security

We make sure that every time a student interacts with our solutions, they (and their data) are protected. We collect as little PII as possible (no social security or card info needed), provide secure IP addresses that your institution can whitelist, and are certified by a number of industry standards like PCI and SSAE 18. And in addition to powerful security, we prioritize positive experiences – for you and your students.

Putting your needs first

In an industry filled with constant movement and uncertainty, we provide consistency and reliability. Our goal is to make it easier for students to interact with your campus in new, more meaningful ways. And when done right, integration is an incredibly effective way to do that. Remove pain points, focus on experiences. That’s what smarter campuses do best.

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