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It’s the Little Things: 2020 Cookbook

Holiday greetings from Nelnet. Annual tradition of sharing family favorite recipes continues with the free cookbook download from the kitchens of our Client Experience team.

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Building Confidence on Video

Workplaces in nearly every industry have adopted the use of video in one way or another during COVID-19, and it’s no different in higher education. By recording yourself and sharing those videos with your leaders, colleagues, students, and families, you can continue the education cycle easily from home. Sounds great, right?

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Our Partnership with GradGuard — College Life Protected

We’re partnering with GradGuard to make tuition refunds even easier for students, families, and higher ed offices. Read interview with CEO.

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How COVID-19 Changed Higher Education in 2020

Halfway through 2020, we surveyed our partners to find our how COVID-19 has impacted them. Here’s the results.

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Welcome, PayMyTuition!

We talked with Arif Harji, MTFX Group’s chief market strategist, about what makes PayMyTuition different, why MTFX Group choose Nelnet as a partner and what challenges international students face in making tuition payments.

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The Evolution of Dining Halls: Mobile Food Ordering

DishOut, a Nelnet partner, showcased the rise in mobile food ordering across campuses in a webinar in May 2020.

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How to Bring Your Campus Tours Online

Our guest blogger, Research & Design, discusses how to bring campus tours online.

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Safeguarding Against Money Laundering on Tuition Payments

Garry W.G. Clement, advisor of MTFX Group, Inc. has over 45 years in the fight against money laundering and provides his expertise in this article.

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Top 10 Resources to Navigate COVID-19 and CARES Act

We scoured the internet to find the top 10 websites or articles for your institution to get financial information quickly through COVID-19.

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CARES Act and What You Should Know

Nelnet Campus Commerce partnered with NACUBO to share important insights on the Coronavirus Aid and Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

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Preventing Fraud in Crisis

Many phishing attempts are taking advantage of the government’s stimulus announcement, and using email or text messages to ask for bank account numbers in order to deposit checks.

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What Does AB-1313 Mean for Higher Education Institutions?

Under AB-1313, if a California student has outstanding debt, the institution they attend can’t charge higher transcript fees, provide less favorable treatment, or make it more difficult for the student to receive an official transcript.

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