CampusConnect virtual conference 2023CampusConnect virtual conference 2023

October 17-19, 2023

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Our largest conference of the year, CampusConnect allows our clients, partners, and associates to find solutions, ask questions, share knowledge, and connect with higher ed professionals from across the country.

Anyone who has attended CampusConnect in the past can attest that it’s an incredible opportunity to discover new ways of thinking about:

  • Your institution’s processes (current and future)
  • Best practices and use cases for your specific Nelnet products
  • The higher education landscape – where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what students are asking
Whether you’re most interested in keynote sessions, product roadmaps, live testimonials from your higher ed peers, trainings, or conversations with new colleagues, we invite you to find solutions, share knowledge, and build connections at the 2023 CampusConnect Virtual Conference!

Expand Your Expertise

This October, learn the latest trends in higher education, discuss leadership styles and tips, and discover ideas and resources to take back to your team. Though the full conference agenda is still being developed, here’s a sneak peek at topics we’re excited to present:

  • Keynote presentation by futurist Bryan Alexander
  • Effective financial literacy for Gen Z
  • Sponsor Billing and Payments updates
  • Renewable energy on campus
  • Managing Past Due and Long-Term Payments Plans for international student accounts

With 25+ years of experience and expertise from both Nelnet associates and thought-leaders in higher education, we’re a committed partner that you – and your students – can count on.

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Grow Your Network

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Immerse yourself in a community of higher education professionals and industry leaders.

What’s a conference without a little fun and a whole lot of connections?

For 2023, we’ve invested in a brand-new conference platform: Whova. With Whova, we’re confident you’ll have more ways than ever to build lasting connections.

Featured Keynote Speakers

Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander

Award-winning futurist and educator

Georgetown University
Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson

Director of Governmental Affairs

Jackie Strohbehn

Jackie Strohbehn


Nelnet Campus Commerce
Brittany Hubbard

Brittany Hubbard

Director, Product

Nelnet Campus Commerce
Dr. Bridget Burns

Dr. Bridget Burns


University Innovation Alliance (UIA)


Grad Guard
NextGen web solutions
Campus Guard

Partner With Us for CampusConnect 2023

CampusConnect Virtual Conference 2023 will take place online from October 17-19. Nelnet Campus Commerce is offering a variety of sponsorship opportunities. We want to help you, our valued partner, accomplish your marketing goals, enhance your brand, and read key decision-makers and influencers at higher education institutions across the country.

Inquire about sponsorship today
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