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90-95% of college students now have a mobile device. They expect their phones to play a large role in their campus experience, but that doesn't always end up being the case. With Campus Key, unlock the true potential of a connected campus.

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Campus Key™

Campus Key is an app designed to connect students to campus. It's a secure virtual wallet, student ID, and communication hub available for any mobile device. Here's how it can be used.


Your coffee order can be complicated, your payment should not. Fortunately, Campus Key™ payments work both on and off campus so students need just one app to fuel their late-night study sessions.


Funds at your fingertips. With Campus Key™, students can manage their account balance in real time and your administrative team can issue refunds directly to their campus card.


Campus Key™ connects you to the campus events that you’ll love. Whether it’s free pizza in the lobby or a chemistry study group meeting in the lab, students can easily find their campus community and get access to event updates.


When it’s 10 minutes before a midterm and you need a blue test booklet from the bookstore, you don’t have time to find a wallet at the bottom of your backpack. With Campus Key™, those worries are over. Students just use their Campus Cash wallet and get a move on.


With Campus Key™, student IDs are stored right in the app, making it your ever-present ticket to the next best thing. From student discounts to your ticket to the big game, students won’t miss a single thing.