Automating Payment Plans

Insight type: Webinar

Indiana University Needed a New Option for Receivables

Indiana University staff and students needed a new option. Processing $2 billion of annual receivables for 95,000 students can be quite the undertaking. What made things tougher was when some of those students started falling behind on monthly payments. The program the university was using to help students catch up was confusing and ineffective, and the institution didn’t want to send students to collections.

Brittany Hubbard, associate treasurer and university bursar, knew the campus was ready for a change, and her 19 years of university experience told her Nelnet Campus Commerce had the solution.

In the webinar below, learn how Indiana University partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce to implement standard term and past due payment strategies that eliminated 99.9% of their manual processes. This collaboration to automate student payment plans has allowed Indiana University to process nearly $1 million from past due accounts, improve their customer service, increase student satisfaction, and restructure to ease the team’s workload.

Nelnet Campus Commerce had been processing the university’s payment plans, and it had been going well. Brittany talked to the Nelnet team about a past-due option and discovered Nelnet Campus Commerce’s Past Due Payment Plans.

The Past Due Payment Plans integrated easily with Nelnet’s payment system that the students were already using. Plus, if a student started falling behind, they would be automatically notified and offered options to catch up. The university didn’t have to dedicate staff to track down students or make a series of payment adjustments manually.