All-In-One Mobile Experience Your Students Crave

In Brief:

  • Today’s college students grew up in a world where any product or service could be accessed with just a few taps within a sleek mobile interface. This is the reality that Doane University CIO Derek Bierman faced as his school was navigating ways to give students the best campus experience possible.

  • Bierman and Doane University are partnering with Nelnet Campus Commerce on the development of a new solu- tion – Campus Key. At a recent conference, Bierman walked attendees through his selection of a solution to ad- dress the university’s desire to modernize with Campus Key, and how he sees it creating the campus experience today’s students expect.

Insight type: Case Studies

The Need

When Bierman began rethinking how Doane interacts with students, he knew he had to address an issue that plagues many higher education institutions. A wide variety of departments and offices were interacting with students on any given day, and each office was using their own, differentiating tools for communication.

From legacy ERPs to new CRM systems that were being implemented, it was a complex network of software that ultimately led to a disjointed user experience for students. Communications were coming through a variety of channels, with an inconsistent user experience for each.

Bierman wanted to centralize all student communications and interactions into one seamless app-based solution that gave users a central access point to their entire campus experience.