Contactless Payments and Pickup in Your Dining Hall

Insight type: Webinar

Social distancing has brought new expectations to food ordering — especially for university dining halls and on-campus restaurants. Even when COVID-19 is all over, some students might be a little nervous to eat in large groups. Others will be used to ordering lunch via their phones and simply picking it up.

Adapting to a more mobile and contactless environment on campus can seem daunting, but Nelnet Campus Commerce and DishOut can help. In May 2020, Nelnet Campus Commerce came together with DishOut to discuss this digital transformation of dining halls.

The discussion included:

  • Explore contactless food ordering and pickup for your campus restaurants and dining hall.
  • Walk through an example of a mobile food ordering process and contactless cafeteria pick-up system.
  • Answer questions about DishOut, Campus Key®, and contactless payments.

DishOut, a specialist in mobile food ordering and digital meal plans, is a Nelnet Campus Commerce partner with integration into our Campus Key app. Campus Key offers contactless payments, campus communication, ID and physical access — and now — mobile meal plans.