Managing Receivables During a Pandemic (Webinar)

Insight type: Webinar

Managing Receivables During a Pandemic

For many Higher Ed institutions, balancing the goals of enrollment management and accounts receivable is an ongoing struggle. Covid has amplified this challenge as many institutions may have relaxed tuition delinquency policies in an effort to maintain enrollment levels. The focus of this webinar will be to share some of the pain points that our Clients have shared with us over the past year, and how we have collaborated with them to make meaningful changes to address these challenges.

Join this session on Managing Receivables During a Pandemic, and hear from Richard Bland College and Piedmont Technical College, along with customer relationship managers, Cindy Cunningham and Damon Magiera on:

  • What adjustments institutions have enacted to their delinquency policy to accommodate Covid related exceptions
  • How these changes impacted receivables
  • What are some tactics to help manage the increase in receivables