Think SMART in 2021

Insight type: Webinar

Think SMART in 2021

Learn how to Think SMART in 2021. The SMART acronym will help provide a foundation of success that is clear and achievable as you plan out the year.

Join this professional development session from Nelnet University as our corporate trainer, Allison Gemelke, helps you:

  • Define the SMART acronym used for goal setting
  • Explain how SMART components impact the success of achieving goals
  • Create a SMART goal for 2021

Allison Gemelke is the Senior Corporate Trainer at Nelnet. With more than 15 years of learning and development experience, Allison focuses on leadership training, coaching, and talent and career development. She is a credentialed Master Trainer and holds coaching and learning design certificates from the Association of Talent Development. Her top 5 Strengths are: Input, Intellection, Ideation, Learner, and Individualization. This combination of strengths means that she is interested in nearly everything, is always excited to learn more, and can’t wait to work with others to help them and herself to learn, develop, and grow!