Navengage Raising $1.5 Million Led by Nelnet to Revolutionize Student Engagement in Higher Education

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Navengage, an EdTech company specializing in student engagement and organization management software, has announced $1 million in funding, marking the company’s first major institutional investment. Navengage is seeking another $500,000 in a second close to finish their round. Profitable by initial stage customer Penn State, Navengage’s platform helps universities manage, track, and increase student engagement, boosting enrollment and retention in return. The round was led by strategic partner Nelnet, an innovative company focused on educational services and technology solutions.

Navengage redefines student engagement technology with their student-centric approach, social connection features, and a mobile-first app experience designed for Gen Z. Their white-labeled app helps universities establish a personal relationship with students. With it, students can navigate their university’s ecosystem of engagement opportunities and resources, set personal goals, and make connections. Students can find a sense of belonging within their college communities with the app’s university-focused news feed, group chats, and engagement portal for clubs and academic units.

“We are excited to invest in Navengage and strengthen our partnership with their innovative team,” said Jackie Strohbehn, president of Nelnet Campus Commerce. “Navengage is tackling one of the critical opportunities for success on campus, student engagement, with ideals we share, including cutting edge ideas and technology and a commitment to superior customer support.”

Nelnet Campus Commerce delivers payment solutions that create an integrated payment experience for more than 1,300 college campuses.

The post-pandemic rise of virtual learning alternatives has become a threat to enrollment and retention rates across the industry. Navengage’s app helps universities justify the “college experience” by showing the values of tuition-backed extracurriculars and immersive experiences.

Navengage’s software integrates with university Single Sign-On providers and existing student information systems. With it, universities can:

  • Collect and track student engagement data
  • Drive student involvement in high-impact educational practices, including events, clubs, research, global programs, volunteerism, and internships
  • Offer students, faculty, and staff a safe environment to connect, chat, and collaborate
  • Close communication and awareness gaps within their ecosystem
  • Promote community outreach
  • Build one-to-one relationships with students, especially underserved groups such as international and transfer students
  • Target students who are at risk of dropping out

Built by Navengage, Penn State’s Engagement App launched this fall at all Penn State campuses and has over 12,000 users to date. The Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania also participated in the funding round.

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About Navengage

Navengage Education Technologies Inc. is a software development company that helps universities organize and optimize their student engagement. Their university-secured software helps students navigate university resources and engage in co-curricular opportunities that accelerate personal, professional, and social development. Founded by Andrew Strause, Colleen McBride, and Dan Lordan in 2020, Navengage was created to help universities support students through engagement and connection.

About Nelnet Campus Commerce

Nelnet Campus Commerce delivers unlimited payment opportunities across campus. Solutions use the latest technology to create a unique and integrated payment experience for more than 1,300 campuses across the country. The intuitive and secure solutions are PCI Level 1 validated and integrate with every major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. From payment processing and refunds to tuition payment plans and online storefronts, Nelnet Campus Commerce helps process every payment on campus.

About Nelnet

Nelnet (NYSE: NNI) is a diversified and innovative company focused on offering educational services, technology solutions, telecommunications, and asset management. Nelnet helps students and families plan and pay for their education and makes the administrative processes for schools more efficient with student loan servicing, tuition payment processing, and school administration software. Nelnet also has a significant investment in ALLO Communications, which provides fiber optic services directly to homes and businesses for ultra-fast internet and superior telephone and television services. The company also makes investments in real estate, early-stage and emerging growth companies, and renewable energy. For more information, visit