Nelnet Campus Commerce Announces Partnership with GradGuard™

LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 15, 2020 — Nelnet Campus Commerce and GradGuard announce a new partnership that mutually benefits higher education institutions and the students they serve.

This collaboration gives Nelnet Campus Commerce’s 1,300+ higher education partner institutions access to an integrated policy disclosure process that provides students and payers clear information about the institution’s tuition and refund policy. Additionally, students and families will also be given the opportunity to opt into GradGuard’s tuition insurance solution to protect them from any financial losses from an unexpected withdrawal or change during the semester.

“We’re excited about the GradGuard partnership – it’s going to allow us to serve our partner institutions and the students and families they support,” said Jackie Strohbehn, president of Nelnet Campus Commerce. “We’re incredibly proud of the people and organizations we work with. They deserve the best tuition payment solutions available, and we can’t wait to deliver this value add component to our technology. The new feature helps solve an issue that many higher education institutions are facing: a growth in student withdrawals, many of which are caused by illnesses or accidents, and GradGuard can help.”

GradGuard’s tuition insurance solution reimburses tuition, room and board, and other eligible fees if a student needs to withdraw from college or university due to issues like illness, mental health, injury, disability, death of a tuition payer, or other covered reasons. With the partnership, the feature will integrate with Nelnet Campus Commerce’s higher ed payment technology platform and streamline processes for colleges and universities that use it.

“The integration with Nelnet Campus Commerce’s end-to-end payment solution for managing tuition payments helps us fulfill our mission to give each student the opportunity to succeed and protect their investment in college,” said John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard.

Nelnet Campus Commerce and GradGuard are confident that the new feature will further help institutions promote student financial success.


About Nelnet Campus Commerce

Nelnet Campus Commerce delivers payment technology for a smarter campus. Products use the latest technology to create a unique and integrated payment experience for more than 1,300 campuses across the country. The intuitive and secure solutions are PCI Level 1 validated and integrate with every major ERP. From payment processing and refunds, to tuition payment plans and online storefronts, Nelnet Campus Commerce helps process every payment on campus. For more information, visit


About GradGuard™

GradGuard is an authority in protecting the investment in higher education. By protecting students and their families from the financial risks of college life, GradGuard helps reduce the cost of college and promote greater student success. GradGuard’s modern tuition and renters insurance programs are valuable student benefits available through a network of more than 370 colleges and universities. Since 2009, GradGuard’s insurance programs have protected more than 700,000 students and families. College life is full of risks and GradGuard is there to make sure life stays on track. For more insight, follow @GradGuard on social media



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