Long-Term Payment Plans

Payment plans that extend beyond twelve months.

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Help Your Students Stay Debt-Free

Long-Term Payment Plans provide additional financial flexibility for students and reduce outstanding receivables by extending payment plans beyond twelve months.

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Disclosure Management

We manage disclosures so you don’t have to. Maintaining compliance with HEOA and TILA can be costly and time-consuming. Nelnet relieves this burden from your business office, giving you more time to do what you do best – support student needs.

Ensure Affordability

Make payments more affordable for students who are struggling to keep up with substantial bills and repayments. By extending payment schedules, you’ll help students succeed while improving collections for your institution.

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Unlimited Flexibility for Students

When students have large balances, making payments can be challenging. Long-Term Payment Plans provide more flexible and affordable options that help keep students enrolled and on track.

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Unlimited Efficiency for Your Business Office

Nelnet works with your institution to reduce costs, increase collection, and minimize receivables. Long-Term Payment Plans is an efficient solution that ensures compliance, offers financial flexibility, and meets the needs of fixed-cost program participants.
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