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  • We had the opportunity to sit down with DeeAnn Wenger, president of Nelnet Business Services to discuss the importance of data security.

  • Learn why security around payment technology is important in higher education.

  • Understand why Nelnet leads the way in payment security and why we are a trusted partner.

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We had the opportunity to sit down with DeeAnn Wenger, president of Nelnet Business Services, and discuss the importance of data security.

What makes you passionate about Nelnet?

I have a strong passion for education, and I love that I get to come to work every day and be surrounded by people who want to partner with institutions, share best practices, and do what’s best for institutions and the students attending them.

How important is security when dealing with payment technology?

Everyone should have high expectations when it comes to security, security breaches, and the safety of the information that they are putting into any system. Nobody wants to have that data vulnerable and out in the open.

How does Nelnet address those security concerns?

We provide an extreme degree of protection around the information and data that is housed in our system. Thanks to our affiliation with our parent company, Nelnet, we have increased requirements regarding the security of our technology that we live up to with all of our products.

How much do you trust Nelnet’s security?

As a parent, I am highly concerned about the security of any payment transaction that my family makes. I trust the security that Nelnet provides, not only for students but for the institutions we work with as well. We take technology seriously, so we take security to the next level.

What is the customer experience like with Nelnet?

First, our technology is seamless and allows people to complete tasks easily. Plus, we provide excellent customer service to our customers at every stage. No matter the issue, big or small, we will handle it immediately, especially if it’s related to security and compliance.

Why do you enjoy working with your team?

We work hard, focus on our customers, and always move things forward.

*DeeAnn Wenger is the President of Nelnet Business Services which includes Nelnet Campus Commerce, FACTS and Nelnet Payment Services

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