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Linda Hansen

The Impact of PA-DSS

When an institution purchases a PA-DSS validated product, they not only receive the software application, but also take on the responsibility for the infrastructure support and maintenance that will support the application. With a PA-DSS validated product, institutions may need to do more work in-house to maintain the necessary levels of information security.

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Becoming a Cashless Business Office

Becoming cashless has been an increasingly popular way for business offices to streamline their processes and, with the effects of COVID-19, promote health and safety. Explore the process of “going cashless,” including contactless options.

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Expanding Your Credit Card Options

An Equifax study in 2016 found that 70% of students own a credit card. 75% of U.S. American Express Card Members say they’d prefer to use their American Express card to pay for school-related bills. When you offer more payment options for parents and students, your institution is more attractive to families.

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