Natalie Schwarz

Returning to Campus Post COVID-19

As students return to campus this fall, what’s different at institutions, what are students excited about, and how has tuition and enrollment been affected.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

The Role of Payment Plans in 2021

When it comes to enrollment and retention, your students' grasp on financial literacy is extremely important. Students need to be educated on all funding options available, understanding that not all funding comes from one source.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

Smart Ways to Pay for College

Nelnet Campus Commerce and Nelnet Bank provide four methods on how to pay for higher education.

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McKenzie Beach

Storefront | Online, Contactless Marketplace

Nelnet Campus Commerce highlights the success we have seen with implementing Storefront on campuses throughout this year.

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Nadine Nelson

NACHA’s New Account Validation Rule

NACHA’s new rule on account validation goes into effect in March 2021. Angela Nielsen, an accredited ACH professional, shares her insights.

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Nadine Nelson

Why Flexible Payment Plans Are Important

Adjusting payment plan schedules and deadlines is one way for institutions to secure as much revenue as possible – and there are a number of ways they can go about it.

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Linda Hansen

The Impact of PA-DSS

When an institution purchases a PA-DSS validated product, they not only receive the software application, but also take on the responsibility for the infrastructure support and maintenance that will support the application. With a PA-DSS validated product, institutions may need to do more work in-house to maintain the necessary levels of information security.

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Nadine Nelson

Becoming a Cashless Business Office

Becoming cashless has been an increasingly popular way for business offices to streamline their processes and, with the effects of COVID-19, promote health and safety. Explore the process of “going cashless,” including contactless options.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

Welcome, PayMyTuition!

MTFX Group, a foreign exchange and global payments company, helps transfer funds in 100+ currencies to more than 140 countries around the world. Recently, Nelnet partnered with MTFX Group, by way of their international payments solution for education, PayMyTuition, to offer an education industry specific innovative alternative, for institutions and international families.

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