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Powerful, proven payment technology. Best-in-class service. Student-focused partnership. That’s what it takes to build a campus with unlimited possibilities. So that’s what we do.

Check out each area of campus to see where Nelnet can help you power up payments:

building and an document representing a business office

Business Office

Effectively manage, organize, and accept secure online payments with Billing & Payments and Payment Analytics solutions. Cashiering automate transactions, while balancing several reports and systems that can be customized to your campus. Give your students options for how to pay their tuition with Payment Plans, customized to your terms and payment needs.

Payment Plans

Students want options for tuition payments. Whether students fall behind or need to divide payments across the term, improve student retention and avoid overloading your business office during tuition payment time with Payment Plans.


Transactions through Cashiering meets the strictest levels of compliance. Ditch the hassle of tracking down your receipts and consolidate all in-person department payments through your business office.

Payment Analytics

Track individual or groups of payments over time to identify trends across campus, and proactively get ahead of late payments with Payment Analytics.

two buildings representing college departments

College Departments

Each of your campus colleges or departments can set up their own stores (with unique inventory and URLs), all while being managed from your business office with Storefront.


Individual departments can set up and manage their own stores and inventory while keeping the business office in the loop with access management and full reporting.

building and an apple representing a dining hall

Dining Hall

Going cashless is possible in your cafeterias and on-campus restaurants with Point of Sale. Your students can order and pay for meals ahead of time from their phones. Or, order and pay for meals at your table through Point of Sale.

stadium representing an events center


Take your campus events up a notch by offering university apparel, concessions, and ticketing anywhere on campus. From allowing alumni to remotely purchase swag or donate, to having game day purchases anywhere around or outside the stadium, Storefront, Mobile Register and Point of Sale make it a stress-free event.

Mobile Register

Offer goods and apparel at or right outside your event through pop-up shops with Mobile Register. Manage our physical inventory and take multiple payment types with PCI Level 1 compliant system.


Sell tickets and the t-shirts to go with them for your next fundraising event, art show, camp or anything in-between with Storefront.

building and a coin representing the financial aid office

Financial Aid Office

Streamlining student aid refunds and financial payments through Refunds and Cashiering. Provide excess funds from scholarships and grants how students need them, all in compliant ways.


Get your students their refund how they want it – and fast. Enhance your student refund communications and encourage ACH adoption inside your financial aid office.


Processes all types of payments in real-time and reduce data entry and reconciliation time for your financial aid office.

building with a dome roof representing student and enrollment services

Student and Enrollment Services

Your student portal is now a one-stop-shop for payments and information. Payment Plans allow your students to set up automatic payments, check their balance, and monitor their account. Billing & Payments send automated, consolidated bills through your portal, and use Payment Forms for camps or other smaller events. View payment trends and send messages to students who are falling behind through Payment Analytics.

Payment Plans

With a variety of Payment Plans, you’ll be able to support nearly every student on campus, no matter their situation.

Payment Forms

Organize that next camp, small event or Greek fundraiser with guaranteed payment security and compliance.

Payment Analytics

With real-time reporting, you can review payment trends, predict income, and forecast delinquencies as needed as you support your students.

book representing the student union

Student Union

Offer both in-person and digital options to pay for and order goods, whether you’re on and off-campus. Sell goods at events through pop-up shops while managing inventory through Mobile Register. Your students, staff, and faculty have many options to pay for caffeinated drinks, campus apparel, textbooks, and more, all while streamlining end-of-day reporting to the business office.


Reach students, staff and alumni, no matter where they are with a digital store that sells items from your student union. Storefront allows for ease of digital selling and physical and digital inventory management.

Mobile Register

Take your goods on-the-go to sell at pop-up stores around campus with the ability to accept secure payments in-person with Mobile Register.


Ensure the business office gets all the reports from Student Union payments in streamlined end-of day files.

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