A Conversation With Implementation Expert Lori Prange

In Brief:

  • Our process is unique because we listen to our clients.

  • We adapt to our client needs by being flexible.

  • We work to understand what our clients are going through by listening to them.

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We sat down with Lori Prange, an implementation manager, for an honest, authentic conversation about implementation with Nelnet Campus Commerce. Here are some of the highlights from that discussion:

Q: What do you think stands out about Nelnet Campus Commerce’s implementation process?

A: Our process is unique because we listen to our clients. We understand their concerns, what challenges they want to solve, and we work with them to come up with a step-by-step plan of how to implement that solution.

If we can come up with a good strategy for institutions, we can simplify their payment processing and take that on for them. This frees up their administrative resources, allowing them to focus on their institution and student success.

Q: How would you describe Nelnet Campus Commerce’s approach to adapting to client needs?

A: We adapt to our client needs by being flexible. Each phase of implementation can be very different depending on timeline, needs, and resources. We work hard to allow that flexibility for the client.

Once we understand our client’s scope and requirements, we move into the configuration stage, by getting the school’s site set up for testing. Each of these phases can be very different depending on client needs and resources, so we allow for the flexibility to adjust at each phase as needed. Again, we can see unforeseen situations or issues that come up, or priorities can shift, and we want to be flexible enough to adjust to those changes.

Q: We talk a lot about how we offer best-in-class service during implementation. How have you seen this play out in practice?

A: After each implementation, we do a survey with our clients to receive candid feedback on how the implementation went. The responses are always highly affirming of the implementation process. We don’t just implement our solution and then leave; we partner with our clients and continue to help them throughout the lifecycle of their payment processing needs.

Q: How do we try to anticipate the needs of our clients?

A: We work to understand what our clients are going through by listening to them. We care about our clients; that means listening to where they are now and where they want to get. Because we understand that, we’re able to work through an implementation process solution with them that fits their needs.

Q: What would you say if someone asked, “Why should my institution join Nelnet Campus Commerce?”

A: We take on their payment processing and compliance needs for higher ed institutions and our partners so they can focus on what they do best: educating. We help colleges and universities with flexible payment solutions for their institution. From start to finish of the implementation process, Nelnet Campus Commerce puts your institution first.

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