Amy Stover, Director of Northeast Operations

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  • Meet Amy Stover, Director of Northeast Operations.

  • Learn what “great service” means to Amy.

  • Hear why Amy is really passionate bout creating an awesome work environment.

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We took some time with Amy Stover, director of Northeast operations, to discuss how Nelnet Campus Commerce meets the needs of institutions, students, and their families.

Can you tell us about how your career in higher ed began?

I started out as a financial aid officer, where I worked for a number of years supporting lots of large institutions. I had many relationships across the country supporting products and services that institutions use to support students and families.

How did that experience help your growth in supporting institutions and families?

It helped me learn what institutions need to support families, and what families need to be ready for higher ed. Through my background, I’ve developed a solid understanding of the components each party needs to succeed.

Why do you enjoy working in higher ed?

I enjoy it because I believe in the value of education. I’ve seen how education can open new doors for people and turn dreams into reality. Being a part of that excites me and it’s part of the reason why I love coming to work every day.

What makes Nelnet Campus Commerce unique?

What makes our products different is that clients can trust us to ensure that we’re meeting their needs. We make sure that our technology meets the needs they share with us, and we have the right people to support that technology. Nelnet Campus Commerce holds both technology and people to a higher standard to provide great services.

What does great service mean to you?

Great service is based on communication. We’re always striving to have symmetrical communication with institutions so that our goals are aligned. That relationship makes it easier to know how we can help in any given situation.

What are some ways you create effective communication within your team?

I’m really passionate about making our office an awesome environment, so that everyone feels comfortable with each other. We utilize a number of collaborative spaces so that people can get up, move around, and not feel tethered to their desks. It’s important for everyone to put their minds together to come up with new ideas every now and then.

Another thing we do is look for ways to improve relationships with each other. Whether that’s team building activities or a game of ping pong, we want to cultivate a place where everyone is welcome and encouraged to interact with one another.

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