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  • As 2022 comes to a close, we’re looking back at our most viewed blogs.

  • From new partnerships to compliance rules to graduate degree numbers rising, this list has it all!

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As we near the end of the year, we here at Nelnet Campus Commerce wanted to revisit our top 5 blogs of 2022. The articles on this list received the most views and engagement from you. Be on the lookout for new content in 2023. Now, on to the list!

#5 Nelnet partners with Western Union Business Solutions for International Payment Plans

We partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to offer International Payment Plans to our client institutions. Though we have been partners with them for several years for international payment processing, we are now able to offer payment plans allowing international students and their families to pay tuition and fee-related expenses using their home currency. Read blog…

#4 Benefits of a Cashless Campus

Many higher education institutions have adopted the ever-popular idea of becoming a cashless campus since the start of the pandemic. Going cashless does come with many benefits for your institution including promoting health and safety among your staff and students, streamlining processes in the business office, and improving security and reducing fraud. Read blog…

#3 Nacha Account Validation Rules Going into Effect Soon

In March 2022, Nacha came out with some new account validation rules. With an increased use of ACH and other non-cash payments, Nacha set these rules to tighten up the security of online activity by adding another layer of verification. At Nelnet Campus Commerce, our payment processing solutions are compliant with these rules and our security teams closely watch our solutions to ensure we stay in compliance. Read blog…

#2 Payment Network Updates for 2022

Back in June 2021, Nacha implemented Phase One of their Account Information Security Requirements and in June 2022 they implemented Phase Two. This second phase included security changes from the payment card industry regarding security standards and new guidelines for conducting remote assessments, along with card brands issuing the use of an eight-digit BIN. Read blog…

#1 The Surprising Effect of the Pandemic on Graduate Degree Enrollment

A topic that resonated with many of our clients and put it in the #1 spot: the pandemic’s effect on graduate degree enrollment. The pandemic had such an impact that it led some people to rethink their careers or education choices. Enrollment numbers for graduate degrees went up at all types of higher education institutions, with a trend towards business, public health, and law. Read blog…

We appreciate you reading our blogs this year and look forward to bringing you more content about the higher education industry in the New Year! Until then, see what other topics we’ve covered in 2022, like Cybersecurity, Updates from NACUBO, and so much more.

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