Meet Lucy Manzo, Account Executive, Northeast Region

In Brief:

  • New to her role at Nelnet Campus Commerce, Lucy brings experience selling products and services that help both higher education administrators and students.

  • She sees her role as an ambassador of Nelnet and is looking forward to building enduring

  • A career achievement Lucy is most proud of is bringing an interest-free payment plan to the community college sector.

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Before coming to Nelnet Campus Commerce, what are some of the highlights of your career?

I have spent the bulk of my career selling products and services that help college administrators recruit and retain students. Investing in higher education is often the second largest investment next to purchasing a home. Listening to administrators and advocating for new products or enhancements to services to make college affordable, reduce student borrowing, or help students and families make informed decisions is always rewarding.

I enjoy working with administrators to solve any new challenges as the higher education landscape changes; the focus is always the student. One highlight of my career was bringing an interest-free payment plan to the community college sector. I was persistent in convincing community college administrators their students had a need for smaller, more manageable payments.

What interested you in this role?

Nelnet’s purpose, values, and culture resonate with me. I previously sold payment platforms to colleges, so I have a solid understanding of how things work in the Bursar and Student Financial Services areas and I am excited to reconnect with clients.

What do you envision being the most important part of this role?

The most important part of my role is to retain and grow existing partnerships to ensure we are solving for our clients’ needs today and in the future. I envision myself as an ambassador of the Nelnet brand as I work to serve customers’ needs.

When it comes to working in the education industry, what do you enjoy most?

I believe in the value of higher education, its tangible and intangible benefits. Each time I partner with a higher education administrator, we are focused on streamlining and enhancing the student and family experience as they strive to achieve their dreams of higher education.

What unique characteristics/skills do you bring to this role?

I am a great listener who always tries to find solutions for my clients, family, and friends. I have found my strength in serving others enables me to develop enduring partnerships, fix things, and bring them back from the abyss.

In this current state of remote work, what communication channels do you find most effective for reaching associates/clients?

I have always been a remote employee with a dedicated office in my home. I love Microsoft Teams, which I find highly effective. I prefer it to email, as it’s much easier to get to the point and connect via a call or video. Face-to-face interactions, even via a computer, are quicker and you get to know your customers and colleagues better. Of course, like everyone else I am tied to my iPhone and all the apps that enable me to work efficiently and effectively.

In your personal and professional life, what motivates you to work hard?

I motivate myself and am guided by my faith, family, and my desire to do well.

What is the most important advice you’ve been given?

The most effective piece of advice, relative to my career is: “What’s important to the customer is what’s most important.”

Outside of work, what are you passionate about or enjoy doing?

Everything revolves around my family! I love the Jersey shore (not the TV show!), cooking, and spending time with my family and my two dogs.

Natalie Schwarz
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