Nelnet Storefront: A Year in Review

In Brief:

  • Nelnet Storefront had a record-breaking year in 2022.

  • With today’s campuses moving toward cashless transactions, offering an online store solution is a must!

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Modern students are carrying less cash and using digital alternatives for their spending. With this, higher education institutions are moving towards accepting cashless payments across their campuses. In fact, in August of 2022, the University of Notre Dame switched to a cashless system for campus retail units in the hopes to speed up campus transactions and ease employee workloads.

Storefront by the Numbers

As the trend for going cashless continues, Nelnet Campus Commerce looks toward innovative products, like Nelnet Storefront, to keep ahead of the curve. This online store experience, designed for higher education institutions, gives endless options to expand digital selling both on and off campus. In 2022, Storefront had a record-breaking year. Here are some economic highlights:

  • As 2022 came to a close, Storefront clients witnessed $17.9 million dollars in total sales across 89,674 transactions. That’s double the number of overall transactions in 2021.
  • One of our client institutions in Texas processed over $4.4 million dollars in total sales – one institution!
  • Storefront supported 38 new stores in 2022 from 11 different new and existing clients, including institutions in New York and Minnesota, with several more clients coming online in early 2023.
  • Five new clients came online with Storefront from all over the U.S., including institutions in Alabama, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.
  • In 2022, Nelnet Campus Commerce wrapped up one of our largest and most ambitious Storefront implementation projects to date. Several institutions in North Dakota have successfully opened 19 stores for numerous campuses across the state which processed over 16,000 transactions – equaling over $3 million dollars in total sales.
  • Many of our institutional partners are using Storefront in unique ways, such as in a hospital gift shop or shipping sports swag worldwide to alumni and fans.

Storefront in 2023 and Beyond

As Storefront moves through 2023 and beyond, we’ll continue looking for ways to improve this online store solution. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see based on your Storefront experience, let your Account Manager know. They will pass along your suggestion to our Product Team, and it just might become a key part of our product roadmap.

Over the last few years, we’ve worked together to make Storefront the success it has become for campuses nationwide. With your enduring support, we’re confident the success of Storefront will continue.

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