5 Unique Ways to Use Nelnet Storefront

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  • Many of our partners at higher education institutions are using Storefront in unique ways.

  • From use in a hospital gift shop to shipping sports swag, the uses of Storefront are unlimited.

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Storefront is an online store experience designed for higher education institutions. From campus sign-ups, to ticketing for events, to selling books and school swag, the options are unlimited for digital selling both on and off campus. Schools aren’t the only places you’ll find Storefront in action, though. Here are five exciting and unique ways our institutional partners are utilizing this product:

Hospital Gift Shop

One institution with a hospital on campus is using Storefront to sell items from their gift shop. Originally implemented during the pandemic to keep a connection between patients and families, the hospital has found great success with purchases happening from all over the country to send gifts to patients at the hospital. It is a great way to make their hospital gift shop accessible so loved ones can send gifts and essentials to patients virtually.

Sports Team Shop

Another higher education institution moved their athletic store completely over to Storefront. This made their entire store available for not only in-person purchases (using Mobile Register), but can now reach fans and alumni anywhere. This institution can now ship worldwide to alumni and fans.


Several of our institutional partners are utilizing Storefront to accept donations for various campus departments and initiatives. This includes alumni donations, scholarship sponsors, and plaques for memory trees. Alumni and supporters can easily and virtually support their institution from anywhere with a few clicks in the online store.

Golf Course

From booking tee times, to renting carts, to collecting membership fees, we have a partner institution using our online store solution for their golf course. With Storefront, all these fees are collected entirely digitally.

Rent Collection

Collecting rent is another way Storefront is being used. One of our institutional partners collects monthly rent for both their residential and commercial properties.


Learn more about Storefront and Mobile Register.

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