Updates From the Hill

In Brief:

  • Current and Future Budgeting

  • New Title IX Rules

  • COVID-19 Relief and Other Funding

  • Transcript Withholding

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Nelnet has partnered with NACUBO for some timely updates from our nation’s capitol in the webinar “Updates From the Hill.” Learn from Capitol Hill “translator” Liz Clark on all current happenings that may have an impact on your institution. Clark is the Vice President for policy and research at the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), and an expert in all things policy interpretation.

Examine how the current political climate is impacting colleges and universities, and check out this on-demand webinar.

Current and Future Budgeting

Budgeting decisions taking place all the way over at Capitol Hill have a large impact on the everyday occurrences on your campus. As of recently, lawmakers have just completed the 2022 fiscal year budget! Here is some of what you can expect with this new budget in place:

  • Pell Grant maximum award increased by $400 to $6,895 for AY22-33
  • A one-year extension of the implementation of the FAFSA Simplification Act

In addition to this, on the heels of this year’s budget bill being passed, we have seen the beginnings of the 2023 fiscal year budget negotiations from the White House. Keep in mind, this budget is subject to change, as proposals are just in the beginning stage. Here is a spotlight on what has been proposed thus far:

  • Increase of Pell Grant maximum to $8,670
  • Extending of federal student aid eligibility to DACA students
  • Increases for HBCU, MSI programs

New Title IX Rules

Stay up to date on COVID-19 relief statuses and easily adapt to where and how your institution will be able to receive funding. Throughout the “Updates from the Hill” webinar, Clark provides plenty of timely information that will help your institution adjust as necessary. Investigate the following updates and more with Clark:

  • HEERF funding extend to June 20, 2023
  • HEERF changes to quarterly reporting form will be in effect in July
  • Student loan deferment extended to August of 2022

Transcript Withholding

NACUBO encourages institutions to consider student success when making decisions on withholding transcripts. While NACUBO understands that holds are useful to grab the attention of students, they want to ensure that students can succeed. For further insight on what this means for your institution, check out the webinar linked below for a detailed walkthrough form Capitol Hill expert, Liz Clark.

For further questions, insights, or feedback on current happenings, reach out to NACUBO at advocacy@nacubo.org

For additional information on financial literacy, view our webinar: Meeting the Financial Literacy Imperative


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