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Create More Productive Work Environments

You (and your staff) work hard to support students. From managing finances to meeting enrollment and retention goals, you have a lot to do – and we can help you do it more efficiently. Our unique knowledge of higher education and powerful, dependable solutions allow you to focus on what you do best: Supporting students.

Focus on Strategy, Automate the Rest

Manual paperwork and repetitive reporting processes limit your staff’s potential – we automate the details and empower your staff to be even more effective.

Streamlined Payments for Staff and Students

Our billing solutions are designed to work in tandem – creating a unified payment experience for students and staff.

Accurate, Automated Reporting

Always have the most accurate, up-to-date numbers at your disposal – and create branded reports faster than ever.

Solutions For Your Department

Payment Plans

Keep U.S. and international students enrolled and up to date on their bills. Students can set up plans on their own using U.S. dollars or their local currency. If they fall behind, our pre-collections process helps them recover quickly. And if the students ever have questions, our fully-staffed service teams provide support on your behalf.

Billing and Payments

Students can easily view bills and make payments on their school account – all in one dashboard. And your office can see and report on payments in real-time, so reporting is more accurate and efficient.


Automate in-person student payments and reduce data entry time for staff. No more keeping track of paper receipts or waiting on checks. Automate in-person student payments and reduce data entry time for staff. In one, campus-wide system, Cashiering is convenient for everyone.

Here To Serve You

Enjoy services that make your experience simple, secure, and successful.

Best-in-Class Service

We share your passion for higher education and are prepared to serve your institution however we can.

Proven Implementation

Our step-by-step process organizes implementation – and we’ll be with you the whole way.

Technology Integrations

We believe in seamless experiences – so you can continue working with your ERP.

Security and Compliance

Federal payment regulations are constantly changing – we’ll help you continually meet the highest levels of payment security compliance.

We’ve had no complaints from students and staff. The students like it because they are able to easily navigate the system, the user interface is great, and the signup process is easy. To sum things up, our accounting office is thrilled because reconciliation is much easier, our expenses have decreased, and we can now work on other projects because we’re spending less time answering questions.

Cindy Morehouse

Associate Bursar | Cornell University

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