Unlock your campus’s mobile potential.

With Nelnet Campus Key™, students can use their phone as a student ID and digital wallet – without the hassle of digging through backpacks or carrying bank cards. Plus, institutions can send push notifications directly to students, allowing for more effective campus communication.
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Mobile Student ID

  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices.
  • Students can use their phone as their student ID.
  • QR code used for identification purposes. (Barcode or other custom options can be added)

Campus Cash

  • Students add funds to their personal stored value account, then use the app to pay for books, t-shirts, food, and more on campus.
  • When students make payments, you’ll see their account balance update in real time.
  • When their Campus Key balance is running low, students can easily add funds through the app.


Using a tablet or mobile device, you can take payments on and off campus through the student’s QR code.

  • Take payments and award refunds through a simple app.
  • Easy balancing and end-of-day reporting.
  • Receive payments using QR code through Campus Key Student ID.

Off-Campus Merchant Partnerships

Use Campus Key with participating merchants.

  • Partner with off-campus merchants to expand Campus Cash payments.
  • Encourage use of Campus Cash with rewards/loyalty programs.
  • For every off-campus payment, partnering merchants will pay your instituition processing fees, increasing revenue.

Door Access

Campus Key allows students to scan in to residence halls, dorm rooms, and buildings all across campus.

  • You control access to rooms and buildings, keeping students safe.
  • Students scan in with their phone – so they have one less card to track.
  • Scanning in is easier, quicker, and more convenient than ever.

Benefits of Being a Campus Key Beta Institution

Low Up-Front Investment

Test mobile technology on specific sections of your campus without the need to invest in a full campus launch.

Syncing Campus Key

All of our products will be connected to Campus Key, creating a unified, mobile campus.

Increase Revenue

On-campus payments are easier to make and track. Plus, creation of a service fee for off-campus merchants increases institution revenue.

Beta Institution Implementation Process

After you agree to become a beta institution, here’s what you can expect to happen.

  • Step 1

    Meet Your Campus Key Product Team

    You’ll have a dedicated team ensuring that implementation of the Campus Key beta goes smoothly – and that you’re satisfied once implementation is complete.

  • Step 2

    Implementation Begins

    Our implementation team will work directly with your staff and students that you have selected for the beta program. During this period, we’ll customize the Campus Key app for your institution and work with you set up Google Play and Apple store credentials.

  • Step 3

    Set Up Off-Site Vendors

    If your institution partners with off-site merchants, we’ll make sure it goes smoothly. Our team will work directly with these merchants to ensure they have the apps and training needed to accept payments through Campus Key.

  • Step 4

    Campus Key Training

    At this point, we’ll make sure your staff and students have all the training and resources needed to use the app effectively before the beta period is officially launched. After launch, your product team will continue to be available to answer questions and check in for feedback on the beta experience.

  • Step 5

    Campus Key Feedback / Customization

    Throughout the beta experience, your Nelnet Campus Commerce product team will regularly check in to see how the system is working on your campus. During these meetings, they’ll listen to your feedback and start to make customizations to fit your institution’s needs.

Become a Beta School!

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