Campus Key® for Community Colleges

Bring Your Campus Everywhere

Right now, your institution needs a smarter way to communicate with students effectively and keep tuition payments on time. Nelnet’s Campus Key® app helps you do that – and more. We’ll empower you to connect with your students, accept mobile payments, and create a campus experience that’s unforgettable, no matter where you (or your students) are.

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Manage Digital Student IDs

  • No more mailing cards or tracking down photos from students
  • Students can use their phone as a contactless ID (and scan in to on-campus events)
  • Campus Key works with Apple and Android – so students can use their favorite device

Accept Mobile Payments

  • Students can make payments on tuition balances and payment plans
  • Account balances update in real time, so your data is never behind
  • Integrates with Nelnet Refunds, so students can receive their funds using the app

Message Your Students

  • In a contactless environment, mobile communication is more important than ever
  • Students receive in-app messages and can opt in to push notifications
  • Since all communication is in-app, you’ll cut through the clutter of student inboxes

Create the Contactless Campus Your Students Expect

Students expect your institution to have one app that does it all. They want to know that they aren’t missing important messages from your institution and that they’ll be able to make their payments from anywhere. In our e-book, The Contactless Student Experience, we cover expectations like these – and show how the Nelnet Campus Key app can help you bring your campus everywhere.

Learn Student Insights, Explore Campus Key®

Benefits of Being a Campus Key Institution

Low-Commitment Implementation

Implementation is always a big undertaking – but we’ll take as much off of your plate as possible, so you can focus on putting your students first.

Syncing Campus Key

Campus Key works with a number of our products, creating a unified, mobile campus.

Increase Revenue

Since payments can take place from anywhere, it’s easier for students to manage tuition payment plans or keep their account up to date.