Reaching Students

COVID-19: Perspectives from the Business Office

Posted on June 24, 2020 in Building Your Smarter Campus, COVID-19 Resources, Payment Technology Trends, Reaching Students, School Operations

COVID-19 caused the world of higher education to change how institutions support students, work together, and advance the mission of growth and education as a whole. Business offices across the country have met unique challenges — and have found unique ways of adapting to solve them. In the second edition of our June 2020 webinar... Read More »

Class of 2024: Student Perceptions of the “New Normal”

Posted on June 18, 2020 in COVID-19 Resources, Reaching Students

Higher education has drastically changed in a short timeframe. And if one thing is clear, it’s that change isn’t done yet. Dr. John Hall, chief strategy officer at PLEXUSS, and Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott, president at enrollmentFUEL, provided insights on student perceptions of the situation in one of our webinars. All of the statistics below... Read More »

How to Bring Your Campus Tours Online

Posted on June 12, 2020 in Building Your Smarter Campus, Communication and Advancement, COVID-19 Resources, Reaching Students, School Operations

This is a guest blog post, originally featured at Research & Design. Campus tours and visits are a critical piece of the enrollment management process. In 2018, Midwestern State University conducted a large-scale study that revealed students who visit campus are twice as likely to to matriculate. Ideally, colleges and universities are able to host thousands... Read More »

Top 10 Resources to Navigate COVID-19 and CARES Act

Posted on May 22, 2020 in Compliance, COVID-19 Resources, Payment Technology Trends, Reaching Students, Security

There is an abundance of information out there to navigate with COVID-19. Here is a list of the top 10 websites or articles for your institution to get financial information quickly: NACUBO summary on ED updates on COVID-19 The CARES ACT (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) provides guidance to the higher education industry... Read More »

MoneySmarts U: Financial Literacy Made Fun

Posted on May 10, 2020 in Building Your Smarter Campus, Financial Wellness, Reaching Students

What’s MoneySmarts U? In this time, more than ever, students need access to tools that aid in budgeting and financial literacy. Indiana University created MoneySmarts U which utilizes gamification to change behavior — not to memorize financial terms. Created in 2018 by Indiana University, MoneySmarts U has been designed to get students thinking about the... Read More »

Campus Key Pilot Program Success

Posted on May 03, 2020 in Building Your Smarter Campus, Communication and Advancement, Partnership, Payment Technology Trends, Reaching Students, School Operations

What is Campus Key? Campus Key, the newest solution from Nelnet Campus Commerce, connects students to campus through a digital app experience. Campus Key offers: ID / Access: Digital student ID that allows touchless access to classes, residence halls, and campus activities, such as sporting events. Payments: Manage tuition balances in real time, plus keep... Read More »

Tips to Keep High School Seniors Engaged Remotely

Posted on April 26, 2020 in Building Your Smarter Campus, Communication and Advancement, COVID-19 Resources, Reaching Students, School Operations

In a matter of weeks, ambitious high school seniors went from campus tours, meeting enrollment counsellors, and anticipating their freshman year college experience — to making an almost overnight pivot of our new “shelter in place” norm due to COVID-19. Not being able to see friends in person, navigating how to complete high school courses... Read More »

How Chatbots Can Boost Your Communication with Students and Prospects

Posted on February 02, 2020 in Building Your Smarter Campus, COVID-19 Resources, Professional Development, Reaching Students

Technology makes it possible to do almost everything more efficiently, including communicating with students, parents, and prospective students. Gone are the days when students and family members had to wait until a staff member was in the office and available in order to get their questions answered.  Today, most colleges and universities have detailed information available... Read More »

7 Technology Trends in Higher Ed

Posted on October 31, 2019 in Building Your Smarter Campus, Employee Spotlight, Reaching Students

I’ve practically grown up in the data, application, information, and tech industry. For over 18 years, I’ve worked with both small organizations and major corporations like Gartner and Nelnet. With Nelnet Campus Commerce, I’m proud to help our partners consider the impact future technology will have on higher education. 1.   Meeting increasingly higher customer expectations... Read More »


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