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In Brief:

  • Storefront customizes online sales for campus departments, supporting a diverse product range and seamless shopping.

  • Storefront helps streamline setup, inventory, order handling, and reporting, with customizable department branding for cohesive campus identity.

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With so many departments across campus, there is also a unique mix of events, products, and digital downloads to sell. Storefront helps streamline the process of selling online by providing customizable options for each department and ensuring transparency for the business office, leading to an efficient online shopping experience for everyone at your institution.

What is Storefront?

Storefront is a customizable online solution tailored for the unique needs of your campus. It extends beyond just selling textbooks, allowing your departments to offer a wide variety of products and services including tickets to sporting events, digital downloads, donations and more.


Storefront provides each department across campus the flexibility to modify branding, product selection and payment methods, offering the seamless experience that students expect from online shopping.

Simplify Setting Up Your Campus Store

Storefront’s user-friendly design enables authorized personnel to easily set up department categories, list products, and organize events. Create online stores students can effortlessly access from anywhere on any device.


Customize your online store with your institution’s logo, personalize it for specific departments, and incorporate your school’s colors, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable brand identity for your students and staff.

Easy Reporting and Record-Keeping

Keep track of the payments you receive from any of your stores with Storefront’s centralized reporting. With Storefront’s General Ledger (GL), you can keep track of products by category, product, or store level. Access reports on products, compliance, and other key information you need to stay on top of how your store is performing. At the end of each day, choose from three delivery options and see the summary, net value view, or detailed view of your store’s information.  

Inventory and Order Management

Product attributes and inventory management are in your control. Storefront ensures inventory and order management are both at their most efficient, always.


Effectively manage your inventory and unlock endless possibilities for your store’s offerings. Storefront’s intuitive and seamlessly integrated features make it simple to add variations in size or color to your products and keep an accurate track of your inventory according to these differences. Use backorder capabilities to automatically notify customers and fulfill backordered items as soon as they’re restocked.


Search for and view orders right in Storefront, then prepare them for shipping by creating shipping and tracking information. Print packing labels, notify customers their order has shipped, and take care of refunds without hassle. Storefront is the one-stop-shop solution for selling to your campus community. 

Are you ready to take control of online shopping at your institution? Sell your products your way with Storefront. Learn more about Storefront and discover the benefits of a centralized e-commerce solution.  

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