It's like having a personal shopping robot for every student, without all of the hardware. eStore is your digital marketplace for event registration and retail of physical goods.

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Tech features

Web-based and mobile-responsive

eStore is tailored to the user, shrinking to fit on a smartphone screen and expanding to optimize the experience on a tablet or desktop. Totally web-based, eStore goes where you go.

Manages physical and digital inventory automatically

Our inventory tracking and order fulfillment system allows you to set up alerts when stock is low. Students are guaranteed their purchase and admins don't need to constantly monitor item quantity.

Accepts reoccurring payments

It's simple to keep the support flowing with eStore's reoccurring payment capabilities to facilitate donations.

Admin benefits

  • Maintain brand presence while creating an always-accessible mobile store
  • Maintain security by creating individual user profiles and specific user permissions
  • Any member of your team can set up a store and manage the ordering and fulfillment
  • Provide students the shopping cart experience they expect when it comes to online shopping

Student benefits

Your students are digital natives. Give them the features that they expect, like online shopping carts, multiple payment options, product comparisons, and wish lists, while granting access to a campus marketplace anywhere they go.

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eStore is the host for your smarter, campus-wide shopping experience from event registrations to digital downloads.

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What our users are saying

"Under the Nelnet solution, we have our staff spending less time figuring out how to use the system and more time serving the students."

Ron Smith, West Valley-Mission Community College District

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