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Better data allows you to make more informed decisions. To analyze the performance of payment plans. To see the bigger picture of your campus finances. And since roughly 25% of students carry an unpaid balance from term to term, knowing how to anticipate revenue has rarely been more important. In one of our latest white papers, we cover how to use data to help students overcome their unpaid balances and get them (and your revenue) back on track.

Payment Analytics White Paper

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Business Office

Measure Student Payment Results

Track payment history over time to identify trends across campus. Plus, students are “scored” based on the timeliness of their payment habits, so you know which ones you may need to reach out to in advance.


Send messages to students who need reminders or support within the Payment Analytics system – and set up automated messages when students meet certain criteria.

Anticipate Payment Plan Revenue

Payment Analytics syncs with your Payment Plans to help you predict the amount of revenue your plans will generate (reducing guesswork from important financial decisions).

Information Technology

Manage Access to Reports

Assign admins who can view, pull, and access reporting data. You’re in control of who’s in the system.

Highest Levels of Security

Our solutions help you meet the highest levels of PCI compliance. We’ll work to make sure that integration with other Nelnet products is smooth and secure.

Protect Student Information

There is no personally identifiable information required to measure student payment methods, so you can be confident their data is safe.

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Technical Features

Powerful analytics means smarter decisions.

Automated Student Emails

When students fall behind on payments or are getting close to their due dates, set up automated messages to go out as needed.

Flexible, Visual Data

However you want to view it, info is quick to pull and easy to understand. Printed reports or online charts – your data your way.

Student Payment Trends

With real-time reporting, you’ll see how students interact with their Payment Plans – and forecast income while you’re at it.