Reap the Benefits of Using AI at Your Institution

Author: Jazmyn Tyree

In Brief:

  • Discover how AI can revolutionize how your students navigate higher education and create a more personalized approach for each of their experiences.  

  • AI offers benefits to campus staff with tools for more efficient administrative processes, automated systems, and more. 

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Technology is constantly changing, which means new tools are being introduced to higher education, including artificial intelligence. With the many new AI tools hitting the market, you may wonder how they can benefit you.  

The flexibility and versatility of AI make it the ideal solution, offering more convenience to your students and greater efficiency to your staff. By adopting AI, your campus can benefit from numerous enhancements that help elevate everyone’s experience and boost operational efficiency.  

Take Advantage of AI Tools to Tailor Your Students’ Learning Experience

Your students are all individual, unique learners and require equally unique experiences that cater to them. Personalized learning tailors the educational experience to each student’s strengths, needs, and goals, significantly enhancing their motivation and, ultimately, their success.  

But how can your institution effectively implement such personalization? By leveraging AI tools, you can give your students the right resources for a tailored learning experience. Examples of AI tools that can help students make their learning experience their own include chatbots or even gamification options.  

Propel Students Forward With More Skill Development

Along with creating a more personalized experience for students, AI can help them dig deeper and learn essential skills for the future. Students can use AI to create explanations for their complicated assignments or classwork, give them practice problems to try for themselves, or provide other audio, visual, or text aids to guide them as they learn. AI can be the perfect solution to help them learn on their own terms.  

Even as students prepare to move on to the next phase of their journey, AI can help them plan their career or even find open positions related to their education.  

Enhance Efficiency for Your Administrative Team

Your staff has a lot on their plate when it comes to serving your institution. Implementing AI tools can be a great way to rethink how time is spent and maximize efficiency for everyone on your team.  

You can use AI to automate tedious administrative tasks in admissions, streamline enrollment, and more. For example, an AI-powered, automated system can help students schedule and reschedule appointments, saving everyone time, or allow students to use an AI system to get answers to their questions or general support, taking staff off the phones and giving them more time to focus on more pressing issues. With AI, you can maximize your resources with less, adding cost-saving to the numerous benefits of implementing AI at your institution.  

The Challenges of Adopting AI

Of course, with new technologies comes its challenges. Introducing new AI tools can lead to concern for staffing and ethical reasons, but that shouldn’t frighten you. Understanding the challenges that may arise while implementing AI can make it easier to overcome them. 

AI use has opened a conversation about its ethicality, both in using the technology itself and what it means for humans in similar positions. There can be the question of security and how safe private data may be with AI. However, many AI technologies specifically enhance online privacy, and even some AI tools offer built-in protections, ensuring your information is not at risk.  

You may also hear worries about AI taking opportunities from faculty and staff. While AI can do many tasks, it cannot fulfill all the needs of an actual human. From empathizing with students to understanding the nuanced needs of your institution, human beings excel where AI falls short, reassuring faculty and staff of their irreplaceable role in higher education.  

Your Institution’s Future With AI

AI is quickly becoming a commonality for various industries, and higher education is no exception. As AI technologies continue to be developed, more resources will become available to elevate efficiency, simplify enrollment, and assist students with their learning. 

As institutions look toward a brighter future, embracing AI advancements can help transform how education is delivered and experienced by students, making now an exciting time to invest in AI-driven innovations.   

Efficiency is key when it comes to maintaining a well-running institution, and by leveraging AI tools, you can create a place where everyone reaps the benefits. Give your students the tools they need to set their own goals, learn their way, and achieve success. AI can also help your staff become more efficient, giving them more time to focus on your students. AI can be the steppingstone your institution needs to operate better than ever.  

Author: Jazmyn Tyree

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