Solutions for
every payment
on campus

Our campus commerce solutions make it easy for parents and students to pay tuition and fees while delivering powerful reconciliation reporting and dashboard metrics to give administrators a clear view of every campus transaction.

eBill & ePay

Our eBill and ePayment solution provides a secure and convenient way for students to view their bill, access current account activity, and make payments on the go. You’re able to customize and instantly send bills to students, all with real-time integration directly into your ERP. Send an automated, consolidated bill to students and their authorized parties that includes tuition and fees, housing, library fines, athletic fees, parking, and more. Text and email notifications let payers know when bills are ready to view, and an embedded link takes them directly to the login page. Users can make full or partial online or in-person payments, set up payment plans, and/or manage third party access.

Actively Managed Payment Plans

Students can budget tuition and fee payments over time, making college more affordable, while giving you a tool to counter rising tuition costs. Our dedicated account managers, tech support specialists, and comprehensive training fully supports you, while most other providers require you to manage your own software. Our payment plans are “actively managed,” meaning we take care of all of the details. We follow up on delinquent payments, help promote the plan at your campus with customized marketing materials, and offer a full-service team to assist both administrators and students.

Student Choice Refunds

The student refunds landscape is changing. Students want more options, and schools are looking for methods that limit student fees. With increased regulatory pressure surrounding student refunds disbursement, it’s time to take a close look at your refund process and protect your campus from unwanted attention. Student Choice Refunds offers a new approach that allows you to disburse refunds to any prepaid card, via ACH or paper check.


eStore enables institutions to process event registrations, sell physical and digital goods, and solicit donations – all within a single, self-service web store. With eStore, students/consumers can add multiple items to a shopping cart and securely pay for these items with a variety of payment methods in addition to credit card, debit card, or eCheck. School administrators can set up multiple stores, create and manage products, view orders, keep track of inventory, and record order fulfillment.

Payment Forms

When individual departments need to create payment forms, they won’t turn to third parties. They’ll use our secure, user-friendly tool to create forms in minutes. And since your business office can manage every form created, you won’t be sacrificing security for flexibility. It’s the perfect balance of payment protection and ease-of-use.

Past Due Payment Plans

When students fall behind on payments, getting them back on track can be a difficult and expensive process – when you partner with us, it isn’t. Resolve past due accounts quickly and easily, making life easier for you and your students.


Our cashiering service was developed with the business office in mind. Utilizing this service, you’ll operate in an automated, integrated environment where card processing, check scanning, and student account details are all accessed with ease. Simple rules and parameters let the business office maintain control over how transactions and data are collected, reducing office workload. Individual department reconciliation can be viewed and approved online. Cashiering has never been so easy!

Hosted Payments

Allow departments across campus to quickly create payment pages for applications, conferences, and events while maintaining compliance, control, and oversight from the business office. Each department at your institution can easily create a compliant web payment presence that meets branding guidelines and security standards set by the business office. The result is a quick and easy web-based payment tool that helps each department reach their goals while keeping the business office in control.