How We Support Enrollment Management

We Help Keep Students Enrolled

Keep students enrolled and on track for graduation. We’ll help you offer (and organize) payment plans for every student – including international. We can also streamline student refunds, keep you in line with Title IV, and offer a digital student ID solution that doubles as a mobile payment tool.

Improve Student Retention

With plans that spread out tuition payments, higher education is more attainable for students. They can even stay enrolled and get back on track if they fall behind on payments.

Connecting Your Campus

Students can use one app to make in-person payments, scan in to rooms, and even order food from the dining hall – all on their phone.

Increase Payment Inclusivity

With the addition of our new International Payment Plans, you’ll make sure that everyone on your campus can make higher education more affordable.

Solutions For Your Department

Payment Plans

Make higher education more affordable and accessible for everyone. Keep enrollment numbers up, track specific groups of students, and easily accept payments made with virtually any currency.


Give students the power to choose their refund method – and make sure your financial aid office is Title IV compliant. Offer ACH, prepaid card, or check refunds and track their status in real time.

Campus Key®

Students are always on the go. With the Campus Key app, they have a digital student ID, keycard for buildings and dorms, and mobile ordering tool for the dining hall.

Here To Serve You

Enjoy services that make your experience simple, secure, and successful.

Best-in-Class Service

Your institution comes first – always. We’re dedicated to making your institution stand out – and helping your students succeed.

Proven Implementation

Our step-by-step process organizes implementation, and sets your institution up for success.

Technology Integrations

Continue working with your ERP and use the tools you’re already familiar with – our solutions are built to fit in with your campus, not the other way around.

Security and Compliance

Meet the highest levels of payment security – so you (and your IT team) can rest easier.

Nelnet Campus Commerce’s response time is great; if there’s an issue, it’s resolved in such a timely manner. That’s important for me, my staff, and our students.

Andrea Fillip

Bursar | College of the Mainland

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Emerging Cyberthreats to Higher Education

Colleges and universities are a prime target for hackers simply because of the amount of payment and student/alumni PII data that they process over multiple campus locations. With malware and ransomware attacks poised to significantly increase in 2021, it’s more important than ever that higher education institutions implement a holistic payment cybersecurity strategy.

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