Student Choice Refunds

Save time and resources — plus reduce stress — by providing students with more options for receiving their refunds while limiting extra fees.

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Admin benefits

Give students the freedom of choice

A refund solution with various disbursement methods and processes that adhere to Title IV regulations.

Get real-time updates and reporting

View the current status of refunds and make changes before they are processed. Plus, report metrics show which refund method students choose.

Full-service school and student support

We’re here to help! Our dedicated account managers support institutions, while our fully-staffed call center answers all student questions.

Reduce costs and eliminate stress

Save money by cutting down on paper checks and outsourcing the entire refund process to our team.

Tech features

  • Mobile refund alerts
  • Customizable email templates
  • Response files to keep your system current
  • Live-chat our support team with questions

Student benefits

  • Choose from three convenient disbursement methods – without the unreasonable fees.
  • Quick, simple sign-up procedure, plus edit or change a refund method midstream.
  • From distribution to deposit, students can see the status of their refunds online.

Freedom of choice meets freedom from stress

Cornell University reexamined their refund process and made the switch to Student Choice Refunds to provide more effective options for students, reduce administrative workload, and ensure compliance for the university.

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