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McKenzie Beach

Storefront | Online, Contactless Marketplace

Nelnet Campus Commerce highlights the success we have seen with implementing Storefront on campuses throughout this year.

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Nadine Nelson

NACHA’s New Account Validation Rule

NACHA’s new rule on account validation goes into effect in March 2021. Angela Nielsen, an accredited ACH professional, shares her insights.

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Linda Hansen

The Future of PCI-SSC

The Payment Application-Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) v3.2 expires in October 2022 and will be replaced by the PCI Software Security Framework. Here is how Nelnet is staying ahead of this deadline with security enhancements.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

Ways to Secure Data While Remote

CampusGuard discusses six ways to keep information safe while working from home. Technologies like single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are great ways to help keep data secure. Verify all staff understand acceptable payment processing methods and technologies.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

5 Tips to Keep Info Safe

With more people working from home, businesses are updating rules regarding data safety. Additional awareness and training for staff is being held to ensure all are aware of the rules and regulations around keeping data safe.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

Expanding Your Credit Card Options

An Equifax study in 2016 found that 70% of students own a credit card. 75% of U.S. American Express Card Members say they’d prefer to use their American Express card to pay for school-related bills. When you offer more payment options for parents and students, your institution is more attractive to families.

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Nadine Nelson

Higher Ed Payment Partner Qualities

Choosing the right payment processing provider for your college or university can be a challenging and, at times, an overwhelming task. Whether your enrollment size is a few thousand or tens of thousands, there are several qualities to consider before making your decision.

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