Actively Managed Payment Plans

Affordability allows for increased retention and enrollment strategies, plus plans integrate with your existing ERP.

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Admin benefits

Improve collections and reduce work

With Actively Management Payment Plans, payments are automatic, so you don’t have to rely on students to take action each month.

Full-service administrative support

Simply track delinquency aging, remittances, and more on your institution's dashboard while our team handles the follow-up on delinquency payments.

Customized marketing materials

We work collaboratively with your team to provide marketing materials that best fit your institution’s needs.

Payments are processed securely

Our PCI Level 1 compliant environment eliminates risk for institutions and keeps student payment information safe.

Marketing benefits

We work collaboratively with your team to provide marketing materials that best fit your institution’s needs. We’ve created two robust marketing kits to help your team communicate payment plan details to students, including:

  • Key benefits of participating in a payment plan program
  • Payment methods and costs associated with your plan
  • Your institution’s target enrollment dates and deadlines

Tech features

  • Our integration with the industry’s leading ERPs makes processes simple and seamless
  • Mobile responsive design allows you to use the platform anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Helpful dashboard view allows you to see and analyze key metrics in one, convenient place

Student benefits

  • New tuition option that increases affordability and access to education
  • Single sign-on through an ERP that students already know and use
  • Multiple ways to receive correspondence: alerts, emails, etc.
  • Ability to add authorized parties and invite others to set up payments

Make the most of your payment plans

In this eBook, you’ll discover how to move traditional communications online, streamline the efforts in your business office, and learn from industry experts on the best ways to use payment plans on campus.

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What our users are saying

"We’re pleased with the direction in which we've gone.... This managed payment plan system has been a significant improvement over our previous system."

Mark Turner, Director, Business Office, Creighton University

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